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Today Trattamenti Roncari is a modern company whose origins date back to the early days of galvanizing, when an entrepreneur used to carry out the first chrome plating surface treatments in his lab with the equipment available at the time, such as wooden baths and electric batteries. The product was then polished by hand and chromium was deposited. In the following years, those technologies evolved into automated plants that allowed to obtain innovative products.

In 1983, after a change in management, the Roncari family took over, acquiring experience and know-how from the staff, and the treatment business carried on. Aware of the market demands, the Roncari family focused on new treatments, first introducing tumble plating, then, in the '90s, acquiring a second plant in Curtarolo. Here they designed and built one of the largest plants in Europe at the time for stationary alkaline cyanide-free zinc plating, which was considered a challenge to acid zinc substitution.

Now Trattamenti Roncari srl offers a wide range of surface finish treatments on pure zinc and alkaline zinc-nickel, and it sells its products to the automotive industry as well.

In 2005 it obtained a Uni En Iso 9001 quality certification, and in 2013 it became a Uni En Iso 14001 certified company.

Trattamenti Roncari also has an extensive vehicle fleet, available upon request for pick-up or delivery of swap bodies.


    Behind Trattamenti Roncari srl there's a quest for the right balance between respect for the environment and industrial activity: each treatment is carried out according to European regulations, and customers are advised on which products have the lowest environmental impact.

    This is why there is a need for a continuous and constant development of human resources, together with modern and efficient plants, and appropriate control procedures.

    The staff is trained on new manufacturing technologies, automated management systems and quality control testing on the finished product to meet specific customer requirements.


Stationary alkaline zinc plating (max. 357X165X70 cm)

On parts sized 357X165X70 cm with trivalent chromium-based solutions - white (type II), transparent (type IV) and yellow (type IX).

Stationary alkaline zinc plating (max. 220X110X40 cm)

On parts sized 220X110X40 cm with trivalent solutions - white (type II) and transparent (type IV). In this plant we are installing a water-based sealant application system with electrostatic guns for more uniform results, avoiding the "drop effect".

Stationary alkaline zinc-nickel (max. 100X90X30 cm)

On parts sized 100X90X30 cm, specifically designed to offer high performances in terms of corrosion resistance, particularly needed in the automotive industry. The chromating solutions are trivalent chromium-based (black and transparent), and seals can be applied to further increase corrosion resistance.

Tumble alkaline zinc plating

On screws, bolts and other small to medium-sized parts, with trivalent chromating solutions in white (type II), transparent (type IV) and yellow (type IX). Sealants can be applied to increase protective power.

Thermal dehydrogenation treatment

For parts with specific tensile strength and sized max. 90X143X142 cm.



Trattamenti Roncari views quality and environmental management as central elements of its business strategy, and it has implemented a Quality and Environmental Management System according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

The Management primarily aims to achieve customer satisfaction through continuous and constant attention in order to ensure respect of the required specifications, the reduction of environmental impact and pollution prevention in compliance with applicable legal requirements as part of a continuous improvement of performances and company processes.
This is why the Management intends to pursue a continuous organizational and methodological growth, and to do so also through analysis and assessment of the best available technologies, maintaining and improving its management system thanks to ongoing engagement, training and development of staff at all levels.
Employees are asked to carry out their tasks in accordance with the procedures and the instructions laid out in the relevant documents.


The Management aims to conduct its development strategy on the basis of the following main goals:

  • Engaging suppliers through their ongoing assessment and monitoring to establish effective and long-lasting partnerships.

  • Implementing the actions prescribed by the Integrated Environmental Authorization to create new job perspectives and to meet the needs of long-term customers while at the same time reducing the environmental impact of the production cycle for each plant.

  • Reducing air pollution through gradual substitution and emission reducing plants.

  • Rationalizing of water consumption through the use of technological solutions for improved plant management in case of emergency and for the recycling of water in emission reducing plants.

  • Reducing risks to the health and safety of workers and to the environment through an effort to increase the efficiency of production processes and operational procedures, as well as by using lower risk substances and thanks to a gradual renovation of facilities and work environments, particularly with regard to OHSAS 18001 as a potential reference standard for the future.

  • Implementing elements of the Iso Ts 16949 standard as part of the quality management system.

 Trattamenti Roncari srl - The Management - 30/01/2015


Automated plants have up-to-date automation systems to control treatment process parameters at any time, allowing for an accurate and timely intervention.

Process parameters such as electro-deposition currents, bath dipping time, solution temperature and any anomalies are constantly recorded in industrial computers for every cycle and for every batch out of the process.

Finally, the product is sampled and and tested directly by the technicians in our laboratory with metrology (Fischer XR thickness gauge - Magnetic Deltascope MP) and environmental simulation equipment (saline mist).

Our in-house lab also checks all zinc plating solutions by using atomic absorption and Metrohm equipment, and assesses waste water compliance to existing regulations as well.


Registered office, administrative address and production facility
Via L. Einaudi, 43/45
35010 Curtarolo (PD)

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